The Alfheim Engineering Group provides skill, oversight, and analysis to Alfheim project teams in order to optimize project design, offer solutions to design-related challenges, and add value for our clients. With a specialized staff of licensed and certified engineers, designers, and building technologists, the Alfheim Engineering group offers technical experience across a range of essential building disciplines, for every phase of construction, on projects of all types and sizes.


Starting in the conceptual design/budgeting phase, our team considers both the technical and commercial aspects of procurement. Our established relationships with the nation’s leading manufacturing firms as well as our network of global-supplier partners allow us to source high-quality, competitively priced construction materials.


We help control cost escalation, reduce change orders and offer our clients volume pricing and total cost of ownership solutions that save money.


As a building company, our main strength is based on providing a complete solution, from initial concept right through to planning applications and to final build. Having worked with leading companies to provide complex and sophisticated solutions based on innovative construction approaches and across different disciplines, we offer our

clients assurances that your development is calculated with precision and at the highest standard. At Alfheim India, we will put you in touch with sought after specialist’s who can help you alongside every step of the process, and what’s more, with a cost effective pricing plan that ensures our clients receive the best service at the right price.


Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the process of constructing a 3D digital model in conjunction with, or before embarking on a real-world construction project. BIM means building twice; first on the computer and then in the field. BIM has many applications in the construction industry but its primary uses are as a means of visualization and a tool for trade coordination.